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Search Keywords

Flickr Creative Commons


Google Scholar
And for a favicon to distinguish from
I made this (please forgive me Google, please use it Google)

Add Ons

Add to search bar Not working automatically but better than nothing. I am not seeing a way of adding search engines, such as flickr creative commons, flickr my images, and google scholar, to the list without using an add-on.

Switch Locale

Get language packs here then use the above Switch Locale add-on to switch between them.

Tab Mix Plus For Maxthon-like control of opening links in new tabs. Replaces Tab Utilities, but Tab Utilities was originally an off shoot of Tab Mix Plus. Broken in recent firefox. Tab Utilities For Maxthon-like control of opening links in new tabs. This the non-lite version has the option of a single window mode which I use a la maxthon classic. This has been disabled in recent versions of firefox but there is a CSS hack explained here.

Fire Drag For maxthon-like drag to search, with option for drag to open in the case of links. Uses the search engine selected in the search bar. Change the minimum drag to 10, text search to open in background.

Always ".com" in English Essential for expats because google insists on redirecting users to the language prevalent in the locale of the ip address of the user irrespective of the prefered language in the browser (selected in tools>options>contents>language) and irrespective of how one sets one search preferences. Crazy.

[1] Google Scholar

Session Manager to get back previous sessions even if you accidentally opened a second window and closed that last.

Download Flash and Video allows us to do what it says, with a button at the bottom right of the screen. Download YouTube Videos also does what it says.

Checkfox is great for checking areas of checkboxes (such as in the course date manager of moodle). Press control and drag over an area of checkboxes, then right click in that area for the option to check or uncheck.

FlashstopperSo that youtube videos (and many others) do not play as soon as the page loads.

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