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Start Menu X makes Windows 7 look like XP ClassicShell makes Windows 8 look like XP

PDFBinder concatenates PDF files into one long pdf file

TurnedOnTimesView wells you when you turned off and on your computer in the past (since purchase?). We have to report when we come to and leave work. ClipX a clipboard extender that lets you save lots of clipboard copies instead of one and go back and select one from yesterday or earlier that day. A must. there are also plugins to save to disk and for stickies for those phrases you use lots - you can also use autohotkey. ClipX for the less frequent, perhaps.

RandyRants Sharpkeys Lets you remap keyboard keys. I find that I never use Katakana and Hiragana only input methods such as provided by the key to the right of the one to the right of space bar on Japanese keyboards, so I map these two keys together. RandyRants Sharpkeys does not allow the mapping of all keys on a Japanese keyboard so I use two such pieces of software. I have forgotten the other.

CamStudio and wink are okay screen video capture applications.

Google Desktop still in 2017 I am using Google Desktop on Win7 and Win8. CLTRL twice to make it pop up.

Autohotkey for shortcut keys to do cool things such as instantly add a html link to the url in the clipboard by pressing alt 1 and other HTML shortcuts for when I am writing html in flickr descriptions. Autohotkey Scripts

Zip Genius Compression tool

Spybot Search and Destroy


Sakura Editor Japanese friendly text editor with more functions than notebook

Not free but the poor mans Photoshop Photoimpact

Free photoshopalikes include Gimp Kirata Pinta and

Pure Text lets you paste as text using (by default) Windows Key plus V.

ClipX so that you need never loose copied text again - multi clipboard software.

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