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The experience of the I in Psycho analysis) leads us to oppose any Philosophy directly issuing from the Cogito. 1 Ecrits

The Homellete before the mirror stage could be another reason for "Gattai" This fragmented Body - which I have also introduced into our system of theoretical references - usually manifests itself in dreams when the movement of the analysis encounters a certain level of aggressive disintegration of the individual. It then appears in the form of disjointed limbs, or of those organs represented in exoscopy growing wings and taking up arms for intestinal persecutions - the very same that the visionary Hieronymus Bosch has fixed for all time, in painting, in their ascent from the fifteenth century to the imaginary zenith of modern man. 5

Mirror Stage Clearly a stage, and first, in Ecrits (Later he will deny this) These reflections (on the monkey and the child) lead me to recognize in the spatial captation manifested in the mirror-stage, even before the social dialectic, the effect in man of an organic insufficiency in his natural reality. 4 Ecrits

Language and Subject Only a subject can understand a meaning; conversely, every phenomenon of meaning implies a subject. 9 Aggressivity in psychoanalysis, Ecrits

Gender Bending in Lacan

The LINGUISTIC Other in Lacan

Self as Inner Speech

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