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Elkin Studies in Australian Totemism

Does the totem merely perform a nominal function, providing names for groups and clans ^ thus being a method of classifying or denoting the members of a tribe. 命名機能は最低限p1

Totemism is not merely a system of nomenclature, of food and sex taboos or of ceremonial life. It takes us to the aborigines' philosophy of life, nature and conduct. p5 命名機能だけではなく、哲学だ

bull-roarers p8

Economic and social importance. P28

The future of the natural species and of man is connected. p32

increase rights. p32 トーテムを増やす儀礼は、そのトーテムを持っている人間が司る

p37 The increase honey rites, use blood of totemites, suggesting that the totemites contain their totem. p39 Opposum likewise blood.p39 Bandicoot Talu from bearers blood. p41 Karadjeri Talu bloodm

P40 Increase rite for kangaroo, paint themselves with the Kangaroo pattern.

We may conclude by saying that the main features of most of the Karadjeri and Yauor increase rites are first, the cleaning out of a hole which is the totem centre, second, the use of blood which is usually put in the hole, and frequently the use of bull-roarers, and hird the recital of words which expresss the desire for the spirits of the totemic species to go forth and and so cause an increase in the species- a recital which is sometimes associated with appropriate actions expressive of that desire. p42

Where cult totemism is concerned, the question "What is your dreaming?" is equivalent to asking "What is your totem," and is answered with the name of the cult-totem. The ancient time of the heroes is the "dream-time" but not the passing dream of night: rather it is the eternal dream-time of spiritual reality to which historical significance is attached. 神話の時間なか。

The ….territor is divided into a number of hord-countries, called nura which are, and were, for the most part patrilineal and patrilocal. A person belongs to the horde of his father and has free access to the horde-countries of his mother and father's mother. The term nura, however, is applied to a person's spirit home, the place in which he was "found" by his father. p11 地理的トーテミズム

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