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I lost my last notebook when I accidentally changed the skin of the theme (skin?) of the wiki to a skin that does not exist. That meant that the wiki did not display, so I could not change the skin back. The information in the database is encoded in an encrypted format. So I have started again from scratch.


Japanese Culture

Jottings related to Japanese culture

Logocentricism I am not even sure what it is!

Semiotics and Totemism

Notes related to semiotics Totemism

Social Psychology

Notes on social psychology

Psychology Journals at Yamaguchi Uni


Notes related to Jacques Lacan

Computer Things


English for Spies (NinjaEigo?) a textbook

Publication and Citation

Taylor and Francis Tourism Geographies, Tourism Research, Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research

Ingenta Tourism Analysis


Piotr Szarota and Takemoto, T. (2011) The Confucian smile: Between tradition and modernity", paper presented at the Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences, October, 20th

Takemoto, T. (2011) Harmony or �Japanese-Style Self-Consistency �in Japanese Pictorial Artwork. The 9th Biennial Conference of the �Asian Association of Social Psychology�. 30th July, 2011, Kunming, China.


Journal of Transpersonal Psychology

Bicycle Stuff

My inventions

Cycling Glasses

["Lanced" Time-Trial-Road-Bike-Cross] The stems to make a Time-Trial-Road-Bike cross are either variable angle or one can use a -30 degree 150mm "Trial Bike" stem. These are made by Rock Crawler (Neon) in China and in Japan. The former will require a 30 degree spacer, which I botched out of a greater than 2cm carbon headset spacer.


Mavic Freehubs

Strava Segments

Virtual Cycling

Asian Culture

Opium Wars


Back Exercises

Treating Cancer


Riffing on Time

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